Every leader's challenge is to find their own way

But who wants to travel a lonely road?

THE LEADER'S WAY is a community of purpose-driven, socially-minded leaders and aspiring leaders, committed to our personal and professional development.

Through facilitated leadership workshops, community-run leadership forums, and a private online community, we are supporting one another to increase our self-awareness, stretch our perspectives, and develop more effective leadership practices.

Below is a very brief outline, but we encourage you to review THE LEADER'S WAY website for a full introduction to the community and program.


Yes, you can access leadership workshops and forums and community discussions, but what impact will this really have for you?

  • Increase your confidence in your self and your leadership capability

  • Become more self-aware

  • Become more self-aware and less self-conscious

  • Enhance your ability to build effective relationships

  • Increase your perspective-taking capacity

  • Develop your leadership knowledge, approaches, and skills

  • Feel supported to be authentic, aspirational, and human

  • Expand the network of leaders you influence and support

Develop your leadership practice

With more than 30 workshops running every year, we have organised them into themed Workshop Series, to help you decide what to attend when.

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